"Look and see, for everyone is coming home!" Isaiah 60:4

Friday, March 8, 2013

Early To Rise Challenge: Day 5

Good Morning!

This is Day 5 of the Money Saving Mom Early to Rise Challenge!

This morning's passage talked about challenges. I know we all have challenges in our every day lives, but sometimes for me it's hard to pinpoint the challenges I face. Of course, there are big things like high school and college, and challenges you overcome as a couple in your marriage. But for me it seems every time I set out to challenge myself on something, I forget about it 2 days in or fail miserably.

This is one of the first times I've ever stuck with a challenge I've imposed on myself for so long, and felt successful about it, so far! That's a big thing for me!

So, what time did I get up??

The kitchen clock says 5:17 am....but really....it was 4:30 am. D-baby was at it again with Fredrika. They're in a race to see who could wake up mama first again and D-baby won. I was up for half an hour rocking him back to sleep when the Hubs came in and took over. Instead of going back to sleep I had to get up anyway and get this done.

It was a worthwhile project for my Renew group at Lenexa Baptist Church. These early mornings are sometimes helpful, but I was not planning on getting up at 4:30!

Until tomorrow

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