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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Early To Rise Challenge, Day 3 : Baby vs. Clock

Good Morning!

This is Day 3 of the Money Saving Mom Early to Rise Challenge!

Today's passage covered "Being Selfish at 5 am". I have to say I'm starting to change my perspective on how my day was laid out and am starting to see how this is essential to the success of this challenge.

 Before beginning this challenge, I believed that I was a night person. To some extent I do seem to be. After the kids went to bed I would declare it "Mama time" and would spend the rest of the night "unwinding" from the day. I would tell Hubs that there was so much work to get done and I wanted to stay awake to finish it. Problem is I would end up stay up "unwinding" WAY too late (1-2 am! YIKES!) or I wouldn't get done what I declared MUST be done before I went to bed.

I've been observing myself the past few weeks and found that when Hubs comes home from work, very little gets done around the house. I used to think I could pick back up on the day's chores after the kids went to bed, but always ended up wanting to spend that time with the Hubs. And then it would come time for us to go to bed and I'd always want to spend that time "unwiding" a little longer. That is where my downfall was.

So the new plan is this:
1. Hubs comes home/ dinner/ family time
2. Kiddos in bed
3. Spend time with hubby/ go to bed!

No more thinking I'm going to be motivated to go back to chores, no more trying to just get "one more thing done". I'm declaring my time for "Being Selfish" to no longer be at 11,12, 1 or 2 am! My time for Mama time will be 5:30 am!

What time did I wake up today....

This is actually false. D-baby decided he would beat Fredrika to the punch and woke mama up at 5:15am. Knowing I had only 15 minutes before my alarm went off I tried to put him back to sleep, but to no avail. He knew what was up and REFUSED. 5:15 is too early for him to start thinking it's ok to be awake (and it's MAMA's time, right?!) so I decided to lay down with him til he was calm, and then let the Hubs take over so I could start my day. This is when I was able to crawl out of bed without waking D-baby. Hubs didn't mind. He got to cuddle in a warm bed with a little love!

In every plan includes a wrench, I guess. Going with the flow is still something I'm learning to be ok with. Le sigh. There's always tomorrow! I'm still declaring this morning a success.

Until tomorrow,

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