"Look and see, for everyone is coming home!" Isaiah 60:4

Friday, April 29, 2011

Dandelion Wishes

One of Isabel's favorite things to do is pick dandelions and make a wish before she blows the little fuzzies away. But her method is a little different than most 4 year olds. You whisper a wish to the dandelion fuzzies before you blow them away.  The dandelions fuzzies go up to God to pick up our wish, and then they bring it back to us at night time! I love the way her little mind works! She's told the dandelions many wishes, but she won't let me in on what she's telling the them. I do hope some of them come true for her. It reminds me of the childlike faith we are to have. I love how God uses even the dandelions to reach her little heart. Makes this mama smile (and not curse all the dandelions I pull out of the garden)  :D

A few times she's picked some dandelions for Mama and I've told the dandelions a few of the wishes I have in my heart. Some of them I know are dreams long gone, some have come true, others have yet to unfold. God, like the wind, carries the dandelion wishes where He wills. Some will get stuck in some house gutter amongst piles of rotten leaves only to be washed away with the next rainstorm and never thought of again. Some will bloom and grow, taking root in our lives that can never be removed. Some dreams I am still holding on to, praying they are what God wills also, and they will eventually be given a chance to bloom and grow.

We are so excited to see what God wills for our family! This blog is where I'll be recording from time to time what we're up to, where we've gone and likely some of the kids antics. We would be really honored if you joined us on our journey!

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