"Look and see, for everyone is coming home!" Isaiah 60:4

Friday, December 9, 2011

Fall Flashback: Pumpkin Carving!

I know this is really late for the season, but I thought I'd get it up here anyway.
Dylan and the kids carved pumpkins a few nights before Halloween (see how late I am??) I unfortunately wasn't home to help out/take pictures, so Dylan handed the camera to the kids and let them have at it! They didn't do to bad, for being 3 and 5. Apparently Isabel wanted nothing to do with taking out the pumpkin guts, but Shawn had a blast!

Dylan carved a cute Kitty face into the pumpkin. It turned out really good, and the best part is it was based off a drawing Isabel did herself!
Here's the final results!
And now all lit up!