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Friday, March 1, 2013

Early To Rise Challenge, Day 1

Happy New Year....

It's March, I get it.

By now you should know I blog pretty inconsistently around here, something I'd like to change.

It seems I'm always trying to change something...organizationally, consistency. Well, this time it's what time I wake up. I've joined Money Saving Mom's Early To Rise Challenge for March. Yay!

I must say, we've been working hard around here as a family to get some things changed, including bedtime/wake up time. It's been hard, but nothing worth doing is easy. Consistency is our biggest monster to tackle.

Nights are when I traditionally unwind and have some me time. Unfortunately, I end up going to bed really late and can barely wake up when the kids do the next morning. A while ago, I tried to implement a bed time strategy, focusing on consistency, but eventually it got to be too much for me to handle alone. Wrangling three kids into bed is no easy task. You see, Hubs has one of those jobs with an inconsistent time where he leaves work, and there were nights he just wasn't able to make it before the bedtime routine was started. So I thought, what could I do personally that would change the way I handle things in the morning?

MSM, you've answered my prayers! Which brings us back to the challenge...

Part of the challenge is accountability, something I need desperately in my life. We are to post a picture of our alarm clock weekday every morning to show the world what time we woke up. Here's mine:

Now, please note, this is my daughter's alarm clock. She ended up sleeping for a little while in our bed after a bad dream. I didn't think it was a good idea to wake her with random camera flashes. :( But it does say 5:33 am! My goal was 5:30 am. And I'm pretty proud of myself! Why?

Because I woke up at 5:15 with no alarm clock! Yay! And, I thought for sure I was going to fail this morning, because I'm also sick. :( Last night I came down with the chills, body aches, all the wonderful benefits of the flu. My fourth round this winter. Amazing, because I NEVER get the flu. This morning, it woke me up with a fever again. So in all honesty, I'll probably be going back to sleep here soon. At least I made it this far. Baby steps, right?

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  1. Glad to her of another woman who is challenging herself with this! I am trying to get up earlier myself, and it is certainly no easy task, so I understand your struggle! Happy to have found your blog! I will be following along :)