"Look and see, for everyone is coming home!" Isaiah 60:4

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Early Morning Challenge: Day 4

Good Morning!

We're at Day 4 of the Money Saving Mom Early to Rise Challenge.

This morning's passage was about focusing on things you can control and not dwelling on things you can't control. This is sometimes a struggle for me and has been for awhile. The author talks about not focusing on who else gets up in the morning, interrupting your quiet time. I'll admit it, that is something that irritates me the most. I have to learn to be interrupt-able.

Yesterday's action tip was to buy slippers and tweet a picture of them. Unfortunately, I don't tweet, so I thought I'd let you guys see them.

Pretty cute and very comfy!

I'm still working on the "going to bed early" part of this challenge. It's still a struggle for me, but seems to be getting easier already. I think with my Graves and the subsequent bad habits that followed, I trained a decent bed time out of my lifestyle. Now it's time to do the work to train it back in. Last night I went to bed around 11:30. Pretty late still, but it's no 12 midnight, or 1 am. I'm working on making this time earlier and earlier until I can get it up to 10-10:30. The Hubs will be ecstatic!

I also need to incorporate the "listen to/ read something incouraging" and the "have something planned" parts into my bed time routine. I think that would make it a bit easier to get into the bed and hopefully fall asleep quickly there after.

This morning I woke up at.....

 Yay! Another successful day!

And Praise the Lord,  D-baby stayed asleep the WHOLE NIGHT! He tried to get up twice, but the Hubs was able to get him back to sleep fairly easily. WOOT!

Thanks so much for staying with me this far!

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