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Monday, May 2, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow? Backyard Edition

If you know me, you know I'm big into gardening. I love it for so many reasons. It's what my dad used to do when we were little, my grandpa gardened as well, as did my great-grandpa. I guess it's just in my blood! I get so anxious every late winter to get outside and do something to make the dreary days seem not so bleak.

The season seems to be getting off to a good, but slightly late start.

Today I needed to get Marigolds planted. These are going to line our raised vegetable garden bed. Supposedly, Marigolds keep rabbits and other critters away. It seemed to work well last year!

I've had some things planted for quite a while now. So far we've got:


NuMex Centennials
I won't bore you with details, but these little ones I'm very excited about. They are ornamental peppers that when mature will have tiny purple and red peppers, significant because I love purple and red together! It's such an odd color combination to find in one plant. I tried these last year, but they never got much bigger than this. Crossing my fingers that this year will be successful!
These are basil babies! Green basil on the left, and purple on the right (do you see a trend growing here?)

Below is another newbie to our garden! This is the first year we're growing Cilantro! I figured I'd need it with all the peppers and tomatoes we'll be planting. Salsa time!

These are our most mature tomatoes! So far we've got 12 plants, 2 of which are Isabel's. She's growing Purple Cherry Tomatoes this year! In total we'll have over 30 tomato plants when we transplant into the garden!

On to the fruit! We've got 10 strawberry plants, but only one which will produce berries this year. So far it's set out 3!

This is our blueberry plant. It's a special variety that is compact enough to fit in a container and is self pollinating.

Now onto the actual garden bed!
Not much happening in there right now, as it's a little early to plant the tomatoes/peppers in the ground. But so far we have:

Potatoes in a tire! Potato plants grow up, so this is an easy way to mound dirt around the plants to get it to produce more potatoes! By the way, the potatoes are purple too :D


Lettuce (2 kinds) and spinach wayyy in the back

Any guesses??

Cosmic Purple.....CARROTS! Isabel fell in love with them in early winter and has been talking non stop about how we're planting purple carrots this year! These are two teeny tiny carrot babies :D

The last variety of lettuce - Buttercrunch! YUMMY!

As far as flowers, there's not much but we do have:

Hydrangeas! These will go on the south side of the house.
Pansys! One of my favorite spring flowers!
And another favorite, English Irises. This was the first flower Dylan bought me when we were dating! I promised myself when we got married I would have them in our garden!

Goodness, that was long! Anyways, that's all I'm up to for the time being! I love springtime!

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