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Friday, May 20, 2011

A big ol' mess of stuff...

This post, much like this week in our home, is a little crazy.

Just to warn you

But that's what makes life interesting, right? You never really know what, or who is going to come around the corner

This is what my husband looked like this evening. He's portraying his glory days from high school wrestling and football. I love him. :D

SO anyway...

Some of you know I am a couponer. We live on a budget of $50/week for groceries. Well, I usually don't do posts on grocery store deals, but I just had to include it in this random post, since my find was so, ...well, random...

I was able to get 6 containers of ORGANIC YOGURT for FREE this week! YAY!

How does this work? Well, here goes:
The yogurt is regularly priced at .99 each. These are located in the "Health Food" section of our store, which also usually has brochures for various product, recipes, and occasionally, coupons. Today was such an occasion!
I found this coupon

in the brochure area, and thought I'd see what Stonyfield products were around $1.00. That's when I found the yogurt! So I grabbed 6 7 of these coupons and 6 cartons of yogurt! Here's the results:

.99 for yogurt minus

.99 in coupons equals FREE YOGURT! Since the original coupon was for 1.00, the cashier simply alters the value of the coupon and pushes it through for .99 instead of the full dollar. I promise I didn't take the .01 that it has on the receipt. It was kind of a big day for me. I'd also gotten free KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce and paid only .28 for 2 lbs of strawberries! However, this deal came out of the blue. I hadn't been planning on it, but was more than willing to add free yogurt (organic, to boot!) to our meals this week! If the coupons are there next week, I'll probably do this again!

I also had a chance to bring in the first harvest from the garden!

The top handful are chives we grow in our container garden area, and the bottom is, obviously, a strawberry! I am quite proud because I fought hard for that strawberry, and am proud to say that I had the pleasure of eating it. This is actually the second strawberry to ripen this season. You see, we have at least one chipmunk living out by our woodpile, as well as a small army of squirrels around here. One of those little varmints got to my strawberry before I could on Monday, so once I saw the second strawberry about to ripen, I knew I had to get to it before any of them did.

Varmint patrol...It's what I do around here...

P.S. Mom- I promise I washed my hands...with soap....:D

Anyway, I'd better get on to bed...staying up too late makes me feel a little loony!

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