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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My cornhuskers

No, not THOSE Cornhuskers.

THESE corn huskers :D

Much cuter than THOSE Cornhuskers!

Corn has been REALLY cheap lately

so we've been having it often with dinner.

And it's been quite nice to have little helpers around to shuck too!

Isa's never been old enough to take interest in what corn looks like before it's been husked.

Shawn was just excited to pull the husks off and let the silks fly up and land on his head. Sister helped too!

Afterward, Isabel begged to take the husks and waste to the compost pile.

While we were out there

I found this lovely little plant happily growing right out of the compost.

I'm thinking it's a cantaloupe/melon of some sort.  It looks an awful lot like our pumpkins.

Kinda ironic to find such a healthy plant growing out of the very place all our food waste goes.  Trash to treasure!

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