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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Garage Sale Update!

We're so excited about moving forward with our adoption, but right now things are at a standstill, of our own doing. We've been INCREDIBLY busy lately. Shortly after we announced we were adopting we held our first fundraiser!

We were very blessed to be provided with so many wonderful donations for our sale! We had so much stuff we didn't even get it all out! These pictures show what we had in the garage the evening before we opened. We also had have an entire basement full of additional donations! We'll definitely have to hold at least 2 more sales to get it down to a reasonable amount.

Friday, the first day of our sale, was great! We had a constant stream of people from 8-4! We were so excited when we had several buyers for quite a few of the big items!
Saturday we opened early and were disappointed when we had about half the people as Friday. Most of our customers came in the morning with a few stragglers during the afternoon. One informed us that Old Shawnee Days was that weekend also. UGH. So disappointing...I felt we had put SO much effort into this sale, doing everything we possibly could to get the word out.
But even while I wallowed in disappointment, the Lord sent confirmation that we were on the right track. Around the time that things were slowing down quite a bit we had 3-4 different people come and tell us about how they were in some way tied with domestic adoption! It was such a blessing to speak with these people. We loved just talking with someone who had been down that road. We've learned that there aren't quite as many domestic adoptions (or at least they arn't talked about as much/openly). We don't know of hardly anyone who has gone through domestic adoption recently. Dylan does have an aunt who has adopted (Hi Aunt Susan!) , but we THINK (please correct me if I'm wrong!) that was in Colorado and there can be VAST differences between state adoption laws.
After packing everything back up we realized we had just as much as we had our first day. Don't ask me how that happened. Needless to say, we really will have to do this at least 2-3 more times.
We do definitely feel blessed by what God allotted us, and I've gotten over my disappointment. I know this is a teaching moment and so I'm trying to learn that things won't turn out exactly the way I dream. But God has a bigger, better plan than any one I could come up with. And knowing that He's in control of it all brings me the greatest comfort of all.

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