"Look and see, for everyone is coming home!" Isaiah 60:4

Friday, April 27, 2012

Where've I been this past week!

Sorry for being MIA ya'll.

Life happens, and it did for us this week.

Last Saturday we made a trip to Manhattan to take the kids to the University's Open House. We love to go back and don't get many chances, so Open House has become a bit of a tradition for us. I know I promised a post on our day and I haven't forgotten!

Sunday we were so tired from the day before. Duncan had been going through a growth spurt so his schedule had been a little off all day Saturday. I wanted to give him time to get back on track, so I didn't want to rush him through the morning and start the day stressed out. We only made it to 11 am service and called it a day until EU that evening.

Monday....oh Monday...We got to preschool alright but then I realized we had Duncan's 2 month appointment that afternoon. All went well until he got his vaccinations. 5 total, 4 shots. He hollered (of course) but was able to calm down with nursing and we made it home. He was home for 1.5 hours, happy and content until he fell asleep for naptime. He woke up 2-3 hours later screaming in pain. It was the scariest reaction to vaccinations that any of my kids have had. I could barely get him to calm down with nursing and decided the best thing I could do was just hold him and let him do whatever he wanted. Nursing, sleeping, soothing, etc. Any time I moved he would start screaming in pain. He finally fell asleep for the night around 10 pm and then woke again around 1 am as my normal happy, smiley boy. Thank God!

Needless to say, Monday night was a bit rocky, and Tuesday was a blur. I let Duncan be in charge and followed his schedule. There was no more screaming in pain, praise the Lord! He was running the show all day long and I willingly let him. I just wanted him to lead the way and let me know what he needed. Needless to say I didn't get much done on the list either of those days.

Wednesday was a day I'd like a "REDO" button for. Most everything went well, but I started feeling the pull to get things done. Duncan had different plans. He decided to be back on his "growth spurt" schedule and wanted to nurse every 2 hours. On.the.dot. It was quite exhausting, so whenever I had a moment's rest...I did. I really didn't get much of anything done except a few container plantings done. Those poor plants almost died. :( And I didn't get nearly as much done as I wanted.

Today was good, more was accomplished, but most of the time I was feeling pretty drained. Not fun...for me or the kids. D-man decided today was the perfect day to not sleep for longer than 30 minutes for any of his naps. And again he demanded to be fed every 2 hours. So tired....

Tomorrow I'll persevere...I hope. Isabel's P/T conference is tomorrow, so there's no school. Hopefully that will give me time to get a few things done in the morning. Yikes...12:30 am already... better be getting to bed. Night ya'll.

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