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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

4 Weeks to a More Organized Home: Assignment 1 Results

So I made it through this day finally! Here's my results from Assignment 1 of the challenge.

Day 1 Assignment

::Get dressed in something that makes you feel great {there’s something about dressing in clothes that make you feel great that just gives you more energy and zest for life! Get your free copy of SarahMae’s ebook, Frumps to Pumps, if you need more motivation in this.}

I had already gotten dressed by the time I read this as Monday-Wednesday-Friday are busy mornings trying to get out the door for preschool! I didn't get a picture of my outfit, but I'll try to tomorrow!

::Sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and make a list of 5-10 goals for this week.
Here's my weekly goals for this week!

::Complete your morning routine {if you don’t have a morning routine, take some time to create one today! Read my How to Develop a Routine That Works–And Stick With It series for step-by-step help.}
In all honesty, I didn't complete my MORNING routine until after 6 pm this evening. My morning routine consists of everything on this list written in blue including Dishes/Laundry. If I can get at least a load of laundry and dishes done, it keeps our house running much more smoothly. At least we'll always have clean clothes and dishes to use. In my favor, I had been trying to keep up with the laundry lately, but could never get it folded and put away in the same day. So I took all the laundry that needed folded and tackled as much as I could before something else called my attention away. I think the laundry itself took about 3-4 different sessions to fold. There were TONS of clothes!

::Set the timer for 15 minutes and quickly pick up the main living areas of your home.
Here's a couple of  before pictures of the living room :

And here's a couple of the living room after I picked up:

Not a major difference with the clutter and what not on the table, but I was able to vacuum, so at least I know the floor is somewhat clean!
::Clean out your purse and/or diaper bag.
Not much to do here since I had cleaned it out a couple weeks ago, just some small pieces of trash to throw out!

::Find 7 items to get rid of today. Throw them out, stick them in a donate or garage sale box, give them to a friend who can use them, or list them on Craigslist or eBay.
 Here's what I'm getting rid of:

I didn't get through as much of my daily list as I'd like to, but baby steps in the right direction is still making progress! I'm hoping this gets easier as the days go on!

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