"Look and see, for everyone is coming home!" Isaiah 60:4

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A confession...

All right, world. I'll own up to it.
Cause pretty soon, I won't be able to hide it anymore.

I've been keeping something kinda big from you...for quite a while now.

Mind you, my Mr. has been privy to this news all along. It's nothing new for him.
In fact, this kinda kicked me in the rear...the very day I wrote this post.

That's right, we're expecting baby #4!!!

So much for not being pregnant during the excruciating summer!! God really does have a sense of humor, huh? Especially for...ahem, that, to happen the day we announce our adoption! Just keepin' it real (and PG :D) here, folks!

So baby #4 the same time we are working on baby #3....I'm not really sure which is which anymore.
We have told the wonderful people at the pregnancy center we're working with and everything is still a go on the adoption. We're still filling out paperwork, but now you know the real reason behind our lack of progress. Of course, if we are chosen during my pregnancy, the birthmother will obviously be informed we are indeed pregnant, and the adoption will only proceed if she still feels we are the forever family for her baby too.

We're due late February, but we get the luxury of being able to plan this baby's birthday since I'm a scheduled C-section. My doc is already talking about that sometime during week 39. Currently I'm only at week 13 (about 3 months pregnant).

It's been a lot to process lately, what with the slight possibility we could be bringing two newborns home relatively close together. And all the other hurdles we will need to jump with the adoption any way (now while pregnant! HA!) namely, the homestudy. (For some reason it scares the dickens out of me....please don't ask why, I really don't know) But I'm hoping to bite the bullet and get that started, sometime in early October. We'll see.

All I know for sure is we're going to be doing a lot more of THIS for awhile yet:

Cloth on the prairie (can you smell the sunshine!)

Regardless, expect to see more of me around here lately. I've got no less that 183 other posts I want to get up here before they float away from my memory forever.

Maybe not quite that many, but you get the idea.

P.S. Isabel and Shawn's 52 pages are updated! Hooray!  You can find them next to the "Home" page under our current family scripture.

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