"Look and see, for everyone is coming home!" Isaiah 60:4

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Busy Week!

I've been flying like crazy around here trying to get the house up to par for a gathering on Saturday. We're having a double birthday party for the kids, complete with homemade cakes and grilling out! We invited my side of the family who all live about an hour from us as well as friends who live here in town. We'll have no less than 7+ kids running around the house, as well as family for who this will be the first time seeing our "new" house we bought almost 2 years ago.

These pics are from my our recent baking expedition with the kids. Isabel helped with mixing the batter and pouring it into the cupcake tin. Shawn was pleased just to help decorate and eat!

We've also been potty training Shawn for a couple weeks. He's making progress, but still refuses to tell us when he needs to go, BEFORE he soils himself. We're finding out what times of the day he's most resistant to the idea of going, and are finding ways to help him through those times. But still, not a fun journey, especially with everything else going on.

I'm hoping to have a semi-tutorial up on Sunday or Monday over the process of the birthday cakes, but for now, I'm keeping mum about their theme. I'm really hoping they turn out as wonderful as the concept in my head looks. Stay tuned!

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