"Look and see, for everyone is coming home!" Isaiah 60:4

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Yes, I realize it's Sunday.

Bear with me.

There was actually nothing overly interesting about Thursday, which was quite nice for a change.

We went to Dylan's grandad's old ranch for a bit.

T-T Ranch is the place Dylan's great grandparents homesteaded on when they came out west.  In fact, the old Agnew homestead is still standing! This house belonged to Dylan's grandma's parents, which is the reason for the different last name. After Dylan's Grandad Tom Stewart married Rosy Agnew, they lived here for some time before they moved into another house on the property.

It's in the middle of a cow pasture now. The cows seek shade there when it gets a little too warm.
Back in it's day, though, this was much more than a cow hideaway. This homestead was the first of it's kind to have wind-powered electricity. Well, really, electricity period. But wind-powered...those are my kind of people!

This is a quick shot of some of the main buildings around the ranch. These were used much more recently than the homestead. In fact, this house is the first place I met Dylan's extended family Thanksgiving 2005. It's kinda special to me :D

After the ranch, we crossed the state line into Colorado, headed to Cheyenne Wells, CO. Unfortunately, this area of Colorado looks no different than Kansas does. We were maybe 8 miles into the state, so there's never any chance we see the Rockies.

We toured around Cheyenne Wells for a bit after seeing Dylan's mom and a good friend of ours.

We passed by Dylan's high school too. Dylan's class had their 10 year reunion just a week ago!

And, as true to fashion for the weather back home, it'll change on a dime around here too. This is what we ran past on the way home.

This storm blew in and didn't quit til the following morning. Another blessing! The area got around 3" with this storm and my goodness did it need it. It was so great the next morning, cool but sunny, and calm. It was so nice.

Well, looks like we'll be headed home tomorrow, so I likely won't have a chance to update, but I'll take the chance if I get it!

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